Oil separator SKIMMERDISK
mod. 93

Oil separator SKIMMERDISK. Quickly, economically and safely solves the problems of contamination by polluting oil in coolant emulsions.

Technical features

  • The special SKIMMERDISK rotates in the fluid, attracts and removes only surface oil that is then conveyed to the collection tank, thus extending emulsion duration and contributing to cut costs for cooling and lubricating fluids as well as to dispose of exhausted fluids.
    The SKIMMERDISK strong aluminium structure is resistant to unexpected vertical and horizontal impacts, it is easy to install thus allowing its integration in all machine tools.

  • The SKIMMERDISK safety is ensured by the 24 Volt power supply which avoids any danger for the operator.

  • SKIMMERDISK is provided with a special timer with reserve charge that is activated automatically and that allows SKIMMERDISK to be used during machine downtime and even when there is no full control.

  • Headphones mandatory (according to DIN EN 352)
Dati tecnici
Power supply


Timer Disc diameter Speed Oil collection Kg
mm g/min l/h
220 Volt - 50 Hz 24 Volt Single-phase Daily with power reserve 300 3,5 5/6 l/h 5