Precision band saws for cutting solid or thin metal bars, pipes and profiles. Manual, bench top or stationary versions.

Great convenience and ease of use with maximum safety. This saws of this lines are powerful and precise because they are designed and built to last even under intense working conditions. This is possible thanks to the machine body made of cast aluminium, which is light but robust. Ergonomic, they have really powerful motors.

Depending on the model, they are equipped with:
• electronic cutting speed regulator for adapting to different materials and thicknesses •
• safety switch incorporated in the handle •
• tensioning system for the band saw •
• adjustment system for blade alignment • automatic blade tensioner •
• saw blade drive pulleys on bearings • • workpiece clamping units •
• cutting angle adjuster •
• high capacity and precision vices •
• cooling unit •
• sturdy, detachable steel base frame •
• tilting head •