Fan extractors, sharpeners and complementary machines

Experience together with technical and constructional creativity have enabled us to design and offer extraction systems with open-blade fans, tool sharpeners as well as a special model of oil separator for cooling and lubricating fluid

These complementary products are also 100% Made in Italy in terms of design and construction, with particular attention to dimensions and versatility of use. The centrifugal extractors - mainly manufactured for our machines - feature open-bladed fans for extracting particularly dusty air and fumes with low and medium pressures and flow rates from 700 to 1300 m3/h.

The double-table grinding machines are particularly robust and have cup grinding wheels for carbide and steel.

The Skimmerdisk economically solves the problems of oil contamination in cooling and lubricating fluid.

Oil separator SKIMMERDISK

Oil separator SKIMMERDISK -

A quick, safe and cost-effective solution to cooling and lubricating fluid contamination  problems due to polluting oil.

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Centrifugal extractors with open blade fans

Centrifugal extractors with open blade fans -

Systems for the extraction of processing residues or fumes, which we manufacture in-house. Centrifugal fans with open blades for medium and high flow rates.

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Sharpener, grinding wheel and bench grinder

Sharpener, grinding wheel and bench grinder -

Combined tool sharpener Mod. 115. Double work surface adjustable for inclination and tool guide, both with graduated goniometer.

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