Grinders, sanders, bevelling machines, band saws

MARPOL FR, machines for grinding, milling, cleaning, satin finishing, polishing, cutting off and dry cutting of ferrous and non-ferrous materials, wood, plastics and rubber.

Our machines, in bench-top or base-mounted versions, are used in many industrial and artisan sectors where it is necessary to work with grinding, cleaning and polishing processes, or for the cut and cutting off of flat or shaped parts. Within certain processes, these operations often require a strictly manual type of operation in which the operator's skill, combined with the characteristics of the machine, find the right combination.

Customising machines
Sometimes it is simply possible to purchase one of our standard machine models on the site, at other times it may be necessary to listen to the customer's requests and adapt it to their needs with modifications to customise the delivery.

Whatever your field of work or the material you have to process, buying a MARPOL FR machine tool means equipping yourself with a small quality machine tool destined to last over time. With our equipment it is possible to carry out dry machining operations such as:

  • sharpening tools
  • cleaning/polishing small to medium-sized parts
  • deburring cut pieces
  • removing burrs and edges
  • bevelling
  • sanding and polishing
  • removing weld seams
  • cutting metal profiles, pipes, wood, plastic
  • cutting off

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An example of some of the main areas in which our equipment is used.

For those who work in the eyewear industry it is said that every pair of glasses is unique in some way.
And in fact the hand of the operator assigned to smoothing or grinding, in the still almost strictly manual manufacturing processes, can make the difference.

Even in a sector as technological and strategic as the aeronautical one, the use of manual machines such as cleaners, polishers and grinders allows specialised operators to obtain the desired degree of finish on every type of part and material.

Despite improved production processes capable of producing components with high grade finishes, the presence of burrs to be removed is still a frequent problem especially within foundries with sand castings.

Iron and steel working in workshops is perhaps the most classic example of the use of saws, grinders, polishing machines, cutting-off machines and bevelling machines.

Sanding is probably the most frequent finishing operation in joinery workshops.

Technology and craftsmanship coexist in the millineries. The versatility of our equipment also lends itself to use in this sector where cutting, bevelling, grinding and sanding are the order of the day and for such diverse materials.

MARPOL FR is a supplier of 48 V band saws for the shipbuilding industry.

MARPOL FR has developed a series of grinding, milling and sanding machines especially for the orthopaedic sector, which are characterised by their stable and solid construction, working ergonomics, component quality and operational safety.

In precision mechanics, grinding or general polishing operations are required to finish parts. MARPOL FR machines are capable of performing all types of finishing.

Sanding, polishing, satin-finishing and polishing precious metals. Frequent processing for those working in this sector.

Grinding, polishing, satin finishing on metal materials.

The manufacture of small to medium-sized precision mechanical metalwork parts is a sector in which the roughing and finishing of iron, steel, stainless steel or aluminium parts is common.